My artwork is designed to stimulate inter-connective, eco-logical thinking. 

It is important to me that what I do not only represents the cyclical patterns and networks of the natural world, but is in active concert with them. 

What I make is often ephemeral and fabricated from bio-degradable, re-purposed, or re-useable materials. It embodies the leave-no-trace ethic by being able to disappear, and potentially give back to the environment it materializes from, leaving little to no waste in its wake.

In combination with my studio practice, I am currently a "creative-in-residence" at a section eight housing community in Santa Ana, CA.

This extended residency is sponsored by the Orange County-based organization Community Engagement

Together with the residents--many of whom have arrived in California from vastly different corners of the world--we are designing and building community gardens for vegetables, herbs, and native flowers, as well as a permanent, large-scale, outdoor mosaic inspired by the surrounding landscape using recycled glass.

This residency is part of my ongoing research into blurring the lines between artist and audience, nature and culture, ecology and economy, life and art.

I am no longer interested in whether art can simply represent a utopian vision or inspire positive impact. I want to know if it can be those things.